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Earn with EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko

EXANTE and Alexey Kirienko: your key to financial independence

EXANTE turns out to be a good choice for professional traders because it enables them to reach out to the major financial markets, use a slew of tools, trade on convenient platforms, enjoy great customer support as well as other virtues.

If you are willing to work with this broker, you should decide how you are going to collaborate with this company. The broker currently gives you an opportunity to work in different markets. So, you are free to trade the following assets:

  • Bonds;
  • Options;
  • Stocks;
  • ETFs;
  • Currencies;
  • Metals;
  • Futures;

History of trading

The activity you are going to be involved into alongside the EXANTE broker isn’t new because people tried to make first trades long ago.

The first exchanges Antwerp and Lyon showed up in the XVI century. They appeared as a sort of response to the need for merchants in financing. Moreover, states required that to place bond loans. With the development of large companies, trading shares of these companies began to develop. Well, the very concept of a “trader” in our modern understanding is closely related to the emergence of the London Stock Exchange at the end of the 17th century.

In contrast to the commodity and stock markets, the foreign exchange market has a relatively short history. Only in the early 1970s, countries started rejecting the gold standard. Instead, they pegged their currencies to the value of a certain amount of gold. In 1976, the Bretton Woods system of the gold standard was replaced by the Jamaican currency system that introduced floating exchange rates. Since then, currencies began to act as an independent product.

For a long time, namely, until the end of the 80s of the 20th century, small investors did not have access to the foreign exchange market. It’s because to conduct trading, a large capital was required – at least $100 thousand. It’s the nominal value of one trading lot. Exchange trading still remained inaccessible to small traders because in addition to the cost of a trading lot, they would have to pay a very significant amount having signed a contract with the exchange. Since the early 1980s, some dealing centers in the UK as well as other countries have revived margin trading for private traders, thus giving them the opportunity to work in the financial markets without a significant capital. In 1986, the central banks of most countries of the world officially recognized such a trading mechanism. As a result, it gave an unlimited number of people access to the world’s financial markets and you like many other people have an excellent opportunity to open a real-money trading account with EXANTE established by Kirienko.

Getting started with EXANTE

Trading is a real profession. Therefore, like any other occupation, it does not forgive a light-minded approach. So, you need to have a proper understanding of the financial markets. Despite the apparent complexity of the subject, studying the basic principles of trading will help to understand how assets are traded but you will also realize how the financial markets work, including their crucial elements, namely investment funds, banks as well as other institutions.  So, you can learn how to manage your finances, understand human psychology, gain confidence in yourself, and, perhaps, build up a solid capital to make your ideas come true.

Have yourself prepared for working with EXANTE

If you want to successfully collaborate with the EXANTE broker, you need to study a lot. You need to understand the basic principles of the financial market, its tools, psychological aspects of trading and so on. Do not neglect additional training and communication with experienced traders.

Remember, successful trading can be learned. What’s more, the brokerage company established by Alexey Kirienko focuses on serious traders with decent experience. Therefore, you need to be well-prepared to make the most of the collaboration with this broker.

Take advantage of the EXANTE trading terminal

Unlike its counterparts, EXANTE didn’t hire software developers to create a trading platform for its needs. Instead, the broker developed this crucial tool on its own. The EXANTE trading platform is very intuitive and convenient. The Drag-n-Drop function greatly simplifies its use and provides unlimited possibilities for customization.

If you want to test this platform right now, you can create a demo account with the broker and get down to exploring the unlimited potential of this tool.  The demo account will enables you to learn the basics of using this platform. As a result, you will be well-prepared to shift to real-money trading with EXANTE.