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Anatoly Knyazev and EXANTE: trading Bitcoin

Anatoly Knyazev and EXANTE: your trading gurus

Even if you are a 100% genius, we can assure you that you are doomed to go broke if your broker is awfully unreliable. Such companies often neglect security measures aimed at the protection of their clients’ private information.

Fortunately, such a terrible scenario won’t threaten you, if you stick with the broker founded by Gatis Eglitis. Despite, the EXANTE broker is also concerned with expanding its client base, the company doesn’t let suspicious folks access their services. So, scammers have no chances to do their dirty deeds on the platform. Respectively, to become their client, you will have to undergo a strict verification procedure. If you succeed, you will be allowed to deposit your trading account. By the way, for foreigners, this procedure is far stricter.

Clients of this broker have access to many markets and an impressive list of financial instruments – up to 100,000! You will be trading using a reliable and convenient trading platform developed by the broker. It comes with all the necessary tools for the best outcomes.

The broker also offers the following benefits:

  • A fixed 30-euro commission for withdrawals;
  • Trading fees are determined by the market;
  • You can maintain your account for free.

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Take advantage of the EXANTE trading terminal

Trading cryptocurrencies on the trading platform of the company EXANTE is a potentially beneficial thing and not only due to a great potential of these assets. The ultra-convenient trading terminal from this broker will make your more productive in the market. So, it will give you a sort of advantage over other traders who use less advanced solutions.

By the way, EXANTE developed this terminal without the active participation of third-party developers. It’s their own masterpiece stuffed with smart features. The terminal is very intuitive, so even inexperienced traders can learn how to use it.

The platform comes with a sophisticated feature known as Drag-n-Drop. It will enable you to easily manage all the modules of the platform with a single click of the mouse.

Worthy cryptocurrency tips from EXANTE

If you stick with Anatoly Knyazev and EXANTE with the only purpose to trade cryptocurrency, don’t miss your chance to take this free lesson on crypto trading from EXANTE.

From the very beginning, one should draw attention to the fact that in contrast with the Forex market, digital coins demonstrate the unbelievably high volatility.

On the one hand, it’s a great advantage for traders with practical experience, since it is possible for them to make money on short- and medium-term fluctuations, buying, respectively, cheaper, and selling more expensive. Since trading commissions on most exchanges are minimal, their effect on profit with a large number of short-term transactions is not significant.

A novice investor who has not previously dealt with volatile markets may not be ready for significant fluctuations in the asset value. Accordingly, being overwhelmed with emotions, he may perform spontaneous foolish actions, naturally resulting in huge losses.

As the crypto industry grows in popularity, the volatility of exchange rates in the most popular currencies decreases slightly, but it’s likely to remain at a high level in the coming years or more.

You should mind security. Scammers have a great interest in crypto assets. Therefore, if you plan to convert large deposits into digital coins, then it’s highly recommended for you to use only leading services, crypto exchanges or brokers. You should use a complex password as well as other extra means of protecting access to your account.